Terms and conditions

Terms of Sale

  1. Payments
    1. All payments are processed via Stripe.
    2. All payments must be received in full prior to access to product or service. 
    3. Stripe retains your payment details and credentials securely for processing payment plans automatically.
    4. Prices advertised on the website are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise noted.
    5. 10% GST applies to Australian customers and is charged at the checkout. 
    6. Payments permit one (1) person only to access to the purchased course, event or resource.
    7. All third-parties including, but not limited to, business partners, colleagues, assistants and your clients, must purchase their own access.
  2. Refunds
    1. Digital Products are not eligible for any refund due to the nature of the product.
    2. Live Training Programs, Events, Mentoring are not eligible for refund after the training begins.
  3. Courses on AstrologyUniversity.com
    1. Course links and purchases made on AstrologyUniversity.com are subject to the Astrology University Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Sale.
    2. Kira Sutherland is not responsible for the payments, refunds or terms associated with purchases of her products through AstrologyUniversity.com.
  4. Membership, Course Access & Training
    1. Upon purchase of a course or membership you will be granted access to the applicable membership site and course purchased.
    2. If you cancel or deactivate your account with Kira Sutherland or with Simplero.com your access to the courses and membership sites will be deactivated and removed.
    3. You will need to re-purchase to reactivate any lost data following a self-deactivation of your account. 
    4. On all live trainings, the membership sites and in any membership calls or communities, you will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. 
    5. Any bullying, racism, x-rated material, and inappropriate comments or behaviour will be considered a breach of these terms. In such an event, your access to the course and communities will be terminated immediately without refund. 
    6. Live training may involve recording of the video training where your name, face, voice and comments can be seen by other course members - present and future. If you do not wish to be visible in recordings, please turn off your webcam and rename your Zoom profile for the duration of the call. 
    7. Comments, images and posts shared into any Membership groups may be accessible by all students of the course - past, present and future - please keep this in mind before sharing. You are welcome to remove any of your posts, videos and images from the group upon conclusion of the training program should you wish to keep your information safe.
    8. In addition to these terms, other terms and conditions may apply to any students and mentees joining a Facebook Group hosted by Kira Sutherland or uberhealth®. Please review the group guidelines prior to entry. 
    9. You are not permitted to share your course login details or membership site details with another person.
    10. You are not permitted to allow another person to watch the course content, read the course material, or access any events. The third party must purchase their own access.
  5. Copyright and IP
    1. All designs, resources, media and content presented on any of the websites owned by Kira Sutherland are copyright to Kira Sutherland. These sites include:
      1. courses.uberhealth.com.au
      2. kirasutherland.com.au
      3. astrologyofhealth.com
      4. courses.astrologyofhealth.com
      5. uberhealth.com.au
    2. At no time can any of the images, resources, videos, concepts or content be shared, copied, embedded or resold without the express written consent from Kira Sutherland.
  6. Contact
    1. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms of sale or the product or course you are looking to purchase, please email kira@kirasutherland.com.au to resolve your questions prior to purchase.