Elective Lunar Surgery


Why do some surgeries go so wrong when other more complicated surgeries go off without a hitch or a scar in sight?

For 100’s of years medical astrologers have calculated and watched the heavens for the best and worst potential line ups of both planets and luminaries when it comes to choosing a date for elective surgeries to occur.

The Moons influence has always been considered of major importance in astrology. In medical astrology this is no less true as it influences our rhythms, emotional states, and digestion etc. The Moon also has great importance when looking at elective surgery dates.

This lecture will cover the theory and step-by-step guidelines for working with a client’s chart to determine what are the best possible days for a successful and problem free surgery. I share a checklist of the things you need to look at and why, so you get an insight into how to do a Lunar Surgery Reading well.

Elective Lunar Surgery is a pre-recorded lecture that you get instant access to, once you purchase.

Level: Intermediate

Lecture: 1h 45min (recorded)


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